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The 19 Best Harry Potter Tattoos You Actually Might Want To Get

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Okay, so I’m going to admit it straight out: I’m a Harry Potter nerd. I have been since I was like, eight. No shame. I’ve reread the books like, 10 times each and I love when ABC Family (Okay, so now it’s Freeform) does a Harry Potter marathon. Because I literally do not get sick of the plot line. It is so good! Show me any other book series that has so many underlying themes that teach kids about life, is still entertaining, and has resonated with so many people. You would be hard-pressed. But it’s fine, you don’t have to find another book series because you have Harry Potter. Who needs more than that? The only other thing you need is one of these best Harry Potter tattoos!

I personally want to get at least five of these tattoos. Maybe I can’t get you on that level, but my bet is that if you clicked on this article I can persuade you to get at least one. Because we all need a little more magic in our lives!

1. Platform 9 3/4

Small, discreet, and totally cool. Only a fellow Harry Potter nerd would get it, and that’s part of what makes it so great. Every time I see someone with a Harry Potter tattoo, I comment on it and that’s an instant bond of friendship. Harry Potter binds everyone together. Plus, as the entrance to the train to Hogwarts, Platform 9 3/4 is kind of the entrance to the magical world.

2. “All Was Well”

As I’m sure you know, this is the last line of the whole series. There was a lot of speculation leading up to the release of the seventh book about what the last line of the book was, you know, because it’s so telling! I think the biggest theory was that the last word was scar. That theory turned out to be wrong, but I think this is better! It wraps up all this turmoil that Harry has faced over his whole life and tells us, Harry is gonna be okay from now on.

3. “Always”

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with Snape, and people usually lean mostly one way or the other. I’ve never gotten over what an ass he was to Harry, but it is so heart-breaking to me that he lost his great love and always loved Lily, until the end.

4. The Killing Curse

For those times when you just really want to cast the Killing Curse on someone but have to settle for flipping them the bird instead. This is such a creative one of the best Harry Potter tattoos!

4. Best Friend Tattoos

Best friend tattoos, taken to the next level. A tattoo carved into your skin, bonding you to them forever… eerily like Voldemort! Maybe don’t take it that literally~

5. Fawkes

Let’s face it, Fawkes was the true hero of this story. Harry never would have made it out of the Chamber of Secrets without him, and he was Dumbledore’s right hand through the whole series. A tattoo of Fawkes would honor him, but this one knocks it out of the park; the ink and the detail on this tattoo is incredible!

6. Harry’s Glasses and Scar

This tattoo is small and can be placed just about anywhere, which is the second best thing about it. The best thing about it is that it includes the two things that are so quintessentially Harry: the glasses and the scar. This is one of the classic best Harry Potter tattoos!

7. Deathly Hallows

The Deathly Hallows were part of the series all along, even if we didn’t know it. I think we all got super invested in them when they became such a focal point in the seventh book, but I think Harry made the right choice. Who needs all that power anyway?

8. Hogwarts

I’ve seen a lot of Harry Potter tattoos, but I think this one lands pretty close to the top of the list. I’m not sure if it’s the detail, the color, or the depth of the tattoo, but I love it!

9. Simpler Hogwarts

Sometimes big tattoos just aren’t realistic, because of your job or your judgmental family or whatever. This tattoo is such a simple but perfect version of Hogwarts that you’ll love and can easily cover it up when you need to!

10. Personal Meaning

I absolutely love this one, mostly because it has personal meaning. That’s what I like about Harry Potter; everything is so personal that almost everyone can relate to it.

11. Lightning Bolt

This is another of those that is small and easily hidden. You can move this lightning bolt up an inch and put it behind your ear. That way you can pin your hair back to show it off or let it fall forward to cover it! Everyone will love this one of the best Harry Potter tattoos!

12. Spells

How cool is this?? The spells for light and darkness, respectively, and in a way that incorporates the solar system. Forget yin and yang, this is the cool new trend!

13. Simple Version of Lumos

This is a simpler version of the above lumos, but I love the font it’s written in. I can just picture Hermione writing it with a quill! This is one of the most subtle best Harry Potter tattoos!

14. Marauder’s Map

Marauder’s Map, anyone? These little footprints leading over the ear are just the unexpected touch that you might expect to find on the map itself!!

15. Mischief Managed

I love Fred and George, they were the best mischief makers for Harry to look up to! This tattoo is so cool and can have an individual meaning to anyone who has it.

16. “I Solemnly Swear”

Same thing, really. You might get the side eye from people who don’t understand the significance, but ‘I solemnly swear’ that I have always wished I could be as fun and cheeky as the Marauders were!

17. The Tale of Three Brothers

Remember how I said that Hogwarts tattoo was at the top of my favorites list? I changed my mind. This tattoo is symbolic of “The Tale of Three Brothers” and I love it! It is so much more unique that a simple deathly hallows simple. Serious props to the artist who drew this out!

18. Dual Tattoos

So I found this one second, and the next one first, but I liked them both so here we are! This one would make a great sister/brother tattoo, mother/daughter tattoo, best friend tattoo, spouse tattoo… The list goes on but the point is, it would make a beautiful and touching dual tattoo! These dual tattoos are some of the coolest best Harry Potter tattoos!

19. “Until The Very End”

This version is more individualistic, but that just means that it can have a totally personal meaning to the owner! Until the very end.

Which one of these best Harry Potter tattoos is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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