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The Youngest Kardashian Kylie Jenner!

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Kylie Jenner is a social media influencer, billionaire, model, business women and mother. It is incredible that she is only 23 years old. We will talk everything about her just right now!

Kylie on Streets!

She has a very sporty style which consists of the most popular pieces on streets. Kylie likes to wear sportsuits a lot but she usually combines her jumpsuits with some classy pieces. For example she uses leather hand bags instead of a more sporty bag. A perfect Balance! She uses colorful and vivid tones in her sporty style. I really find it so fashionable. Actually it is pretty popular these days tp wear sportswear on street. You should check this article to get more inspiration on sportswear for women.

Other than sportsuits, she likes to wear jeans like all of the women who are keen on their comfort. She expectedly combines them with crop tops which shows her really narrow waist and really thick thighs. I like her denim overalls and denim on denim suit A LOT. I never thought this much of jeans would look so good on a body but it is. You should really try to get a denim suit because it is so easy to combine and looks chicer than expected.

And also, like all other sisters of her. She likes tight dresses which wraps her body entirely. She just takes a matching bag and shoes and goes outside. It is so simple but so comfy and chic. It looks extremely good on her body.

Memorable Red Carpet Looks of Kylie Jenner

Her most memorable red carpet look was at MET Gala 2019 with the concept of “Camp: Notes on Fashion”. Purple is one of my favourite colors so I am definitely in love with this all purple Kylie Jenner look. She wore a sparkly strapless gown. It has a feathery look on the skirt and the same feathers wraps her arms which gave the gown a big kick.

Kylie Jenner prefers to wear kind of safe dresses. She likes wearing tight pieces in her daily life as I mentioned above. It shows its effects on the red carpet too. Kylie usually wears long tight gowns with long sleeves. I can say that she likes nude and black tones the best. It may be safe but she looks so elegant and sexy. Her make-up is much like her daily makeup. Actually she has a makeup style that she created. We will talk about it very soon.

She sometimes wears some mini dresses with long sleeves as well. It gives her much serious look. Because when she wears mini, she wears jacket-like dresses. I strongly suggest you to get at least one jacket-dresses. They will definitely be the savoir of the night. The highlight of her mini dress red carpet looks is her unusual boots with diamonds. I like how it looks on her but I am not sure if I can wear them as they look a bit extra. Still, they are good taste of boots. Her full-pink look is closer to my style. This pink dress is so basic and so detailed at the same time.

Kylie Jenner Make-Up Style

I think I can confidently say that Kylie Jenner introduced us the full face glam makeup style. The queen of full face glam makeup, always uses a thick layer of foundation and usually makes nude-ish makeup. She likes monochromic makeup looks which means she uses same shades of eye makeup and lipgloss. The style she uses makes her face look like a porcelain baby doll because it looks flawless. Highlights on the inner edge of the eye and cat-eye eyeliner are her outstanding makeup features.

In her personal youtube channel, she shows how she does her everyday make-up. It is a heavy makeup for me because I don’t do that much of makeup in my daily life but it still looks so simple and smooth on her face. She uses her some products from Kylie Jenner makeup collection. No worries! I will talk about the collection in detail below.

I think you also should watch this video from Vogue youtube channel because she gives insanely amazing beauty tips you may want to try.

Kylie Jenner Cosmetics

I told you that Kylie is a businesswoman because she founded the cosmetic brand “Kylie Cosmetics” in 2014. It started as a lip kit brand at first but then it became one of the biggest make-up brand. It is so inspiring how young she was when she founded the company, she was only 17 years old. Since 2016 she collaborated with her sisters one by one. The brand went crazy. Each one of them sold out within 24 hours!

Recently Kylie Cosmetics released 30 shades of concealer in favour of diversity. This is super cool because it is so hard to find the perfect match of each type of skin color in any brand.

For those who missed previous collections of Kylie Jenner, I have good news for you! She launched a new “Wild Thing Leopard Collection”. It is LIT!

There is a link for you to take a look at the Kylie Jenner’s awesome collections of makeup. I like “Lovestruck” lip kit a lot! What’s your favorite? Leave a comment below!

Kylie Jenner’s Sweet Daughter Stormi

Although Kylie Jenner lives her life on social media since her early teenage years, she hid her pregnancy from the world between the years 2017-2018. She then appeared on Instagram with her newborn Stormi! She is 2 years old now and the exact copy of her mother with everything she does. Kylie is such a fashion icon already.

She likes to wear matching outfits with her and I find it so cool. Kylie is a young and fun mom!

All of Stormi’s outfits are stylish. She also knows how to pose. Look at her photos! How cute!

On Kylie Jenner’s Youtube Channel you can find a lot of beauty tips, style tips and So many videos with Stormi. I am dropping here a video of Kylie and Stormi making Halloween cookies together. It is a heartwarming video. Since it is the halloween time, you should watch this video immediately and make the best cookies! And for more Halloween inspirations, don’t forget to read the whole festive halloween article.

Stay Stylish!

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