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Easter Valentines

This Super Cute Felt Bunny Craft Is A Perfect Pocket Pal

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This super cute Felt Bunny Craft is perfect for a Valentine or Easter project and makes the perfect little Pocket pal gift to give to your bff.

Materials Needed For The Felt Bunny Craft

-Felt fabric – 4-5 different colors
-Craft glue or fabric glue
-Needle and thread
-Pink highlighter
-Pencil – for tracing template
–Felt Bunny Craft Template

How To Make Your Felt Bunny

1. Prepare your template by printing and cutting out the patterns. Use a pencil to trace the patterns on the selected felt fabrics and cut them out of the felt carefully.

2. The felt bunny craft template has 2 parts, 1 front and 1 back. Take the front part and use a dark thread to stitch the face details of the bunny.

3. Done stitching the face details? Use a pink highlighter to create blush shades on both cheeks of the bunny. Then use a needle and thread to join the front part of the bunny with the back part. You can start your stitching from anywhere but remeber to keep a small opening for stuffing.

4. You can use the left over felt pieces for the stuffing or use bought soft toy stuffing. To use scrap felt cut the left over felt pieces into smaller pieces and push them inside the bunny through its open end. Use the pencil to push the stuffing towards the head part of the bunny.

5. When you’re satisfied with the stuffing you can simply close the open end and tie 2 tight knots; cut off extra thread.

6. The felt egg bed has 2 parts, 1 full egg pattern and 1 about half. Place the smaller part on the top of the larger part and match their bottom ends. Prepare needle and thread to join both parts together. You can do running stitch or flat blanket stitch to join the pieces.

7. Keep the top side of the smaller part open. Once you are done stitching the sides tie a tight knot and trim extra thread. To attach the heart patterns on the pouch you can either stitch them or use craft glue.

8. You can add more details to the bunny or pouch, the possibilities to decorate them are endless!

The perfect pocket Felt Bunny Craft. Have fun!

Get your Bunny template here

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