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TOP 10 Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50 2021

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Best short hairstyles for over 50

Attaining 50 years of age is a wonderful feeling. It is that age when you are not that old but not that young either. It is somewhat like the feeling a teenager has when he is on the threshold of adulthood. As one grows old, it is common for the hair to start growing thin. However it is in your hands to get it styled so that you get the feeling of being young all over the body. We shall discuss some of the exquisite hairstyles of some of the most beautiful women, Short hairstyles for women over 50.

Sharon Stone: Wispy Pixie

The soft cut adopted by Sharon Stone lends an element of wispiness to her looks. As it is she has alluring looks. On top of that, this beautiful hairstyle makes her that much more attractive. Her contours are such that the hair should be a little longer at the ears to look attractive. This is a versatile hairstyle in the sense that she has an option to have a shaggy look or a tucked up look. It is entirely up to her.

Angela Bassett: Short and Spiky

Her short haircut is exactly what a short haircut should not look like. In short it is an anti short hair cut. This is the most unpredictable hair cut. This haircut draws the attention of every item on her face right from her eyes to the jaw line. This is a special haircut which can look good on only certain types of faces. In case you have a flat head, it would look awful. This haircut suits Angela to a “T”. Such short cuts can actually make your hair puffy once they dry. So it is better to put on a baseball cap to calm it down. At the end take a little pomade and spike-ify the hair to give this beautiful look.

Jodie Foster: The Bob Short Hair Cuts for Women Over 50

The Bob cut made famous by Jodie Foster is another stylish hair cut. This is an ideal cut for fine as well as thinning hair. Limp hair could be given immediate shape whereas it works on other type of hair too. The blunt ends should be cut with a razor rather than scissors. It should be ensured that the cut goes right up to chin and not under it. For styling the cut, pre damp it with a volumizing mousse at the roots.

Michelle Obama: Center Parted Lob

Trust the First Lady to come up with the most exotic hairstyle. It is simple but at the same time exquisite. This is a longer bob which looks stunningly beautiful. This is a more modern take on traditional bob. This style suits her. In case it doesn’t for you can easily cut the back side a tiny bit shorter keeping the front side as it is. The resultant long layers around your face will make you appear more radiant than ever.

Halle Berry’s pretty crop

This hairstyle entails short hair to the sides and fairly long at the top. Also including feather fringes to the side. Those looking for a good crop style then this is the one.

Meg Ryan’s long crop

This celebrities short hairstyles is a bit long but still short enough. This includes long curly hair evenly divided with the waves balancing on either side of the head giving a relaxed look.

Charlize Theron’s crop women over 50 short hairstyles

This is another natural celebrities short hairstyles. Not much work is put into this as she only needs to run wax through it and rough it up a bit. So if you feel a bit last and don’t to spend a lot of time on your hair then this is the hairstyle for you.


Madonna: Wavy Lob short hairstyles for ladies over 50

There was a time when the collar bone length hair was considered old fashioned. Now it has sprung back to fashion thanks to the gorgeous Madonna. Her long length textured bob with the waves look stunning. You should take it easy if you have fine hair. When you get to around 50, it is natural that your hair starts to get thinner. Thus you should consider switching to a side part to hide your hairline. To get the Madonna look (Short curly hairstyles), you have to mist on a heat protectant spray and wrap the middle as well as the ends around a one inch curling iron. Finish by using a salt water spray.

Michelle Pfeiffer: Collarbone Length hair

This cut will work in your favor if you have a naturally wavy hair. This is what is usually called a no layer cut. This means that there are invisible layers that cut into the hair which cannot be easily noticed. They lend softness to the hair and see to it that the hair does not look too perfectly done or dated. If you have wavy hair like Michelle, you can very well go for the collar length bob.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Mid length

This short hairstyles for over 50 is the perfect style for low maintenance hair. This is the perfect length as it styles itself. This style has a lot of movement as the hair length is long and breaks at your shoulders. It is the perfect way to have a transition from a bob to long hair or vice versa.

These women are celebrities and hence they have to be at their best always. You too can aspire to have their looks and hairstyles provided you take good care of your hair and look into these short haircuts for ladies over 50.

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