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Trendy Summer Hair Colors For 2021

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Summer is fast approaching and we’re all getting ready! 

This year, a variety of new trends are popping up. Summer hair colors are all different, but I’m really loving the colors that are in for summer of 2021!

I put together this blog post to document the trendiest summer hair colors for reference.

You’ll see a lot of icy shades, balayage, and blonde highlights, but you’ll also see some super dark brown colors and rose pink shades.

The balayage is especially trendy, regardless of what color you go with. I added a bunch of different examples below for every hair type and color.

You’ll also notice that orange/pink tones are in. We typically see the iciest colors during the summer, and while icy tones are always popular in the warmer months (silver is even in this year), warmer tones are making a comeback, too.

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Summer Hair Colors:

Here are my favorite summer hair colors and trends for 2021. Feel free to save these photos to your phone to reference later (press down then click save to iPhone). Enjoy!

Deep Brown Balayage

White Blonde Ombre

Cool Caramel Balayage


Toasted Almond


Hint Of Peach


Rose Gold On Brown

Rose Purple Ombre


Streaks Of Rose


Toasted Almond Balayage

Pale Icy Balayage


Burnt Orange Balayage


Peach Coral Color


Coconut Strands

Icy Balayage

Cinnamon Brown

Deep Cool Ombre

Muted Cool Ombre

Blonde Highlights

Champagne Streaks

Ice Blonde Balayage

Icy Blonde With Brown Roots

Ashy Brown Balayage

Deep Brown Glaze

Cool Accentuated Balayage

Sandy Frames

Cool Butterscotch

Silver Ombre

Icy Foils

Sleek Brown Streaks

Soft Summer Brown

Caramel Highlights

Caramel Balayage

Rose Ombre

Icy Balayage

Sandy Streaks

Deep Brown

Icy Pink

Sandy Ombre

Icy Blonde

Orange Streaks

Orange Balayage

Beachy Balayage 


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