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Turquoise Hair Q+A

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Do you dye your hair yourself?


Which brands + products do you use?

“I use Arctic Fox Hair Color Dye! I absolutely love it!”

Ratios: 1 (diluter) + 2 (Aquamarine) + .5 (green)

“HINT: I use Poseidon on my roots to give it a deeper, ocean vibe”

Why do you prefer Arctic Fox Hair Color?

“I love their variety of colors! The dyes are exactly as described, and fade into a beautiful color (unlike most brands colors that fade so ugly)

They’re also vegan + cruelty free – no harsh chemicals so my hair actually feels soft after!”

Is that your all your natural hair?

“No! I have extensions! They’re 22″ clip ins!”

Do you bleach your hair before?

“Sometimes I bleach my roots, but only to lighten it a little so it takes the color better! I don’t recommend it for everyone!”

How often do you need to touch it up?

“I touch up the dye in my hair every 4-6 weeks, depending on how much I decide to wash it”

What is your natural hair color?


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