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Ultimate Guide for Spring 2021 Fashion Trends

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Spring is just around the corner and apart from warmer weather, this season’s Fashion trends are something to look forward to if you are in to Fashion and Style. So today, let me share this Ultimate Guide for Spring 2021 Fashion Trends if you are looking to revamp your Spring wardrobe or simply wanting to be in the know of what’s trending in the Fashion world!

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Ultimate Guide for Spring 2021 Fashion Trends

Pastels Colors

Let’s start with the obvious- pastels! Spring will definitely not be completed without pastel colours. This is this season’s holy grail and something that you should invest in since it will never get old!

To make it more timeless, get your Spring basics such as knits, dresses, pants and trench coats in pastel colours.


I’ve already been seeing this design in a few stores lately and it’s definitely here to stay for Spring.

You can choose from cutout sweaters, dresses or even blouses to spice out your looks with a little bit of skin this season!

Bold Sleeves

This next trend is honestly my favourite! Spring 2021 is the time to sport bold sleeves from blouses, dresses and even blazers.

Personally, I find that this is one of the trends that can be considered timeless as long as you get the right piece. Blouses with statement sleeves for example can be worn all year round and can easily elevate an outfit.

Oversized Denim Jeans

The good old denim is back after we’ve all been staying comfy on our sweat pants these past few months. But it’s definitely showing up bolder this season.

If you love sporting denim, definitely go with oversized denim jeans this season to stay on-trend. It elongates your legs giving you a taller and slimmer look!


Button downs might be a trend no one expected for this season but it definitely is! From oversized button-down shirts to dresses, this style is a God-sent if you love timeless pieces.

Which of these trends would you most likely to wear?

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