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Versatile Ikea Built-In Bars: Photo Gallery Inspiration (Part 3 of Series)

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Throwing one back at home has never been easier.

Warning: the third and final installment of Ikea Hacks for The Home Bartender series is photo heavy. That’s kinda the point of a photo gallery, right? 🙂

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m obsessed with Ikea. In the first part of this series, I explored 17 different bar cart options. In the second part, I delved into all the organizational options for a built-in bar.

It’s everything my 20-something-year-old self would have wanted and more.

If you have an underutilized dresser, a bookshelf, an abandoned closet, or a space under your stairs, you’re already one step ahead of the game.

1. Besta When it Sizzles

Simple, elegant, refined. All things you won’t be if you avail yourself of the elixirs stored here.

2. Outdoor Tripping Billy

courtesy of Debbie at Refresh Restyle

Debbie gives this old standby a painted metallic look in this DIY tutorial.

3. No Holds-Bar’ed Billy

courtesy of Ikea Hackers

The countertop is also Ikea. See the full tutorial here.

4. Victorian Rebel

courtesy of Ikea Hackers

The bar station in this 1885 Victorian Row House will make you want to throw your hands up in the air. Full tutorial using Numerar cabinets and Akurum countertops here.

5. Sektion Stunner

This built-in dry bar was definitely a labor of love. What was once a closet covered in oak doors evolved into a mess of wiring and new drywall. And finally, this.  Bravo Stacy!

6. Self-Serving Shelving

No room for a big piece of furniture? No problem. Ikea shelving gives you a built-in option that doesn’t detract from the square footage of your room. You may want to add extra screws for securing these to the studs, however, as the shelves themselves can get pretty heavy under the weight of liquor bottles.

7. Glass Sipper

courtesy of Ikea Hackers

This Expedit (i.e. Kallax, Expedit is discontinued) bar hack makes it appear as though you’ll have to chisel out your drink with an ice pick! This effect can be credited to the use of custom glass and etched glass window film. LED lighting completes the look.

8. Stacked Odds-N-Ends

courtesy of haushaltsmuffel.de

Simple glass doors, white lighting and the Divide 9 complete this Expedit/Kallax bar hack. You’ll need to brush up on your German to understand this tutorial.

9. Port-a-Bar

courtesy of tux board.com

On-the-go lifestyle? How about a bar in a suitcase? Brush up on your French if you want to learn how one couple outfitted their entire home with Ikea hacks and somehow fit all of their bar goods into one amazing leather trunk.

10. All Things Kallax

photo courtesy of Janine Jacobs
see the tutorial here
see the tutorial here
courtesy of Ikea Hackers
courtesy of Pinterest and www.partsofsweden.co.uk


11. Insert Pax Wardrobe Here!

I’ve seen a few tutorials with converted wardrobes turned into bars, but none with the Pax wardrobe. This would present an excellent opportunity to customize a built-in bar to your tastes (shabby chic, farmhouse, chalk board designs, etc). The image on the left belongs to this Pax tutorial, and the image on the right can be found here.

The image below comes close to the end product I’m envisioning.

image source here

Lastly, I wanted to conclude this post with a few inspirational built-in bar photos because that could be easily replicated with Ikea cabinetry, Lack shelving or countertops.

photo courtesy of dalton carpet one
photo courtesy of Pretty Handy Girl

I love this bar because it contains a slider door where all their wine is tucked away! Full tutorial here.

How dreamy is this built-in? The chalk board wall, the mini fridge, the spring time flowers…guys, I just can’t.

Ikea furniture can be reworked in so many different ways – as a side cart, in a Gentleman’s study, as a dry bar, a wet bar, a porch bar, a library quirk, a corner anchor, or a lighting feature. That’s what makes this roundup so fun.

I hope this gallery has inspired you! Happy building.

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