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Vintage plaid.

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This was the day before the fashion week madness begun. Certainly if you took a photo of me right now and put it next to any of these, it would look like a different person! I am so exhausted. But it is completely worth every drop of energy. In this look I am wearing for the first time my new Irresistible Me remy hair extensions. I haven’t had extensions since I went to London years ago and instantly when I had these in I was reminded how amazing it feels to have longer, thicker hair. It’s so much fun! These extensions are 100% real hair and they have no funky coating or anything so you can do whatever you can do to your own hair on these. I bought the dark brown 24 inch ones and had my wonderfully talented hair stylist Drew Schaefering dye them for me. Like I had mentioned in a previous post, the extensions dyed perfectly with no weird patching at all!

Noelle brought me two plaid skirts straight from Louisiana that didn’t fit her. I gladly welcomed them into my closet (which is really just overflowing rolling racks in my room). I love this one especially because of the colors and length! I can’t wait to wear it all the time this fall/winter.

I’m so excited to start layering! I really feel like I’ll have layering mastered this year. Hopefully you all love my Coach bags that I’ve recently been wearing a lot (I don’t have many bags to be honest) and my SP x Wolveirne boots, because they’ll definitely be fall staples for me! I love them.



Skirt: a gift from Noelle Boots: Samantha Pleet x Wolverine Shirt: old Hat: hats.com Bag: c/o Coach

Photos by Noelle Downing

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