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Ways You’ll Accidentally Ruin Your Disney Vacation

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Walt Disney World is the most magical place on earth. How could anything ruin your vacation?

No one sets out to ruin their vacation. But, sometimes things happen. And before you know it, you’re miserable and questioning what you did wrong.

So, here are a few tips to help you have that magical vacation you’ve always dreamed about.

Ways You’ll Accidentally Ruin Your Disney Vacation

Not Having A Plan

Being a first time Disney Guest is rough. You don’t know what you’re doing. You don’t know where anything is. And everyone else seems to be seamlessly wandering around the Parks and enjoying themselves while you’re still trying to figure out what a fastpass is.

While “winging it” may work for some, if this is your first time visiting Walt Disney World, I always recommend having a plan.

  • What Park will you be visiting on what day?
  • What fastpasses will you have?
  • Will you be making any dining reservations ahead of time?

Doing a little bit of planning not only familiarizes yourself with Walt Disney World, it can also help you avoid some first timer mistakes.

For example: Going to Extra Magic Hours and staying all day sounds good, in theory. You get an extra hour in the Park. What could go wrong?

That reason, alone, is why everyone else will want to flock to the same Park. Park Tickets are expensive. So, everyone wants to spend as much time in them to “get my money’s worth.”

But, while Extra Magic Hours lasts one hour, the crowds last all day. For this reason, I plan my Park days based on who doesn’t have Extra Magic Hours that day.

As you can see, planning doesn’t have to be very detailed. But, just that little bit of planning can save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

Overplanning Your Days

If there’s one thing that will ruin your vacation more than not planning anything, it’s overplanning.

For many Guests, Walt Disney World is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, of course, you want to get as much done as you possibly can.

But, filling your itinerary with all of the treats, attractions, shows, and photo opportunites you can within that limited time frame is just going to leave you exhausted and cranky.

No matter how much you plan, there’s no way that any one person will be able to do and see everything. So, slow down and enjoy the time you have at Walt Disney World while you’re there.

Not Scheduling Any Downtime

Trust me, I get it. Whether it’s intentional or not, we all adopt the same motto. “We’ll rest when we get home.”

But, this is also the best way to ruin your vacation.

There’s a reason why everyone rushes to leave the Park right after the nighttime shows. Disney is exhausting, even if you succeeded in not overplanning your day.

So, take time out of your busy schedule to relax. Some of our best memories come from days we went back to our Resort to cool down and hang out by the pool.

You can always go back later on. And if you do, you’ll be much more refreshed and able to enjoy the rest of the evening (and shorter lines for those attractions).

Not Wearing The Right Shoes

When I was planning my very first Disney Vacation, every post I read stressed the importance of wearing the right shoes. And the general consensus was that sneakers were the only way to go.

My trip came and on Day 1, my nicely broken in sneakers gave me a blister that caused me pain the rest of my trip.

After years of getting blisters, I had enough and packed some of my comfiest sandals and hoped for the best. I didn’t get one single blister!

Wear whatever your feet are most comfortable in!

For me, switching off between my Teva Sandals and my Sanuks are the way to go. And because they both have a back strap, they’re much easier to walk around in when I get caught in the rain.

Using Your MagicBand To Pay For Everything

Attaching your credit card to your MagicBand is so convenient. Why dig through your Park bag for your credit card when you can pay with your MagicBand?

But, you may find yourself spending more than you normally would otherwise. By the end of the week, you’ll wish you paid more attention to how much you were spending.

This is why we opt to use Disney Gift Cards. We don’t worry about going in to debt each time we go to Disney because everything is budgeted for ahead of time.

If you have lots of cards, remember to transfer the balances over to one card on Disney Gift Card to make your life easier.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

The truth is that you can do everything right and things can still not turn out the way you want it to.

I guarantee that at least one of your days will be affected by rain. Staying on Disney property and logging into My Disney Experience the second your window opens still doesn’t guarantee you will get every single fastpass you want. And years of anticipation can bring disapointment if an attraction breaks down or unexpectedly goes under refurbishment.

But, the biggest disappointment seems to come when Guests think that going during a “low crowd” time means they will be able to ride every attraction they want with low wait times. Unless you’re familiar with what a “maximum crowd day” looks like, you’re most likely going to come into contact with a lot more people than you thought.

Walt Disney World is a wonderful and magical place. But, it’s only magical if you want it to be. Focusing on what you weren’t able to do would ruin any vacation.

But, thinking back at the memories of what you were able to do is what stays with you for a long time.

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