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Wooden Chicken Coop

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Dimensions (L x W x H) Materials
5 x 5 x 3
23 x Spruce Trapdoors

4 x Scaffolding

1 x Hopper

5 x Spruce Slabs

1 x Rail

2 x Item Frames

2 x Eggs

2 x Dead Coral Fan (Any)

Any amount of Fences and Gates

A cozy place for your pet chickens to live in your Minecraft home. Also features chicken nests inside the coop! A Hopper is also incorporated into the design to help collect eggs.

Step 1:
Place 4 Scaffoldings in a square, with an empty space between each of them. Next, put Spruce Trapdoors onto each Scaffolding.

Step 2:
Add Spruce Trapdoors onto the upper half of each Scaffolding as shown in the picture below. Then, put a Hopper in the middle.

Step 3:
Attach 11 Spruce Trapdoors onto the sides of the structure. You’ll need to use a temporary block to place the middle Trapdoors on each side (refer to pictures below). Also, don’t forget to leave an entrance on one side so chickens can go in and out!

Step 4:
Position 5 Spruce Slabs in a ‘+’ formation one block above the side Trapdoors (you’ll need to use a temporary block).

Step 5:
Now, fill up the rest of the ceiling with Spruce Trapdoors.

Step 6:
For the interior, Shift+Click to put 2 Item Frames on the base and insert eggs into them.

Step 7:
Aiming at the Trapdoors where the Item Frames are placed on, Shift+Click again to place Dead Coral Fans as the chicken nests.

Step 8:
Then, add a Rail on the ground in front of the entrance, followed by another temporary Rail on the nearest Trapdoor to make the first Rail slant upwards.

Step 9:
Fence up the area around the coop to prevent chickens from escaping.

Step 9:
To add mud / dirt patches on the ground, just right click on Grass Blocks while holding a shovel. Finally, if you’re playing in Survival mode, either throw eggs until chickens magically appear or kidnap them using seeds. And if you’re in Creative, just sprinkle some chickens around using the Chicken Spawn Egg!


  • Fences can also be an alternative to the Scaffolding if you want to change up the design.
  • Make your chicken coop as big as necessary, and add as many openings as you like.
  • Stairs can be used instead of Rails to allow chickens to go in and out of the coop easier.


Original design by fWhip in this video. His channel can be found here.

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